Boost your multi-core performance and minimize your program risk with our latest Intel® Architecture SBCs

Your technology insertion and upgrade programs demand both increased performance and reduced program risk.  Curtiss-Wright’s family of Intel 3rd generation Core® i7 processor-based SBCs delivers on both of these goals.

For unmatched, massive computing performance, we’ve developed the industry’s leading 3U and 6U Core i7 OpenVPX™ SBCs. These powerful, rugged compute engines combine Intel’s latest processors with high-speed switched serial fabrics. From development to deployment, these Intel-based SBCs deliver the latest generation of multi-core processors, supported with large memory subsystems, to maximize data throughput to the processor’s AVX floating point units and the widest range of I/O options.

Our highly reliable rugged solutions mitigate program risk by providing optimal performance in the harshest environments. And we support them over the full lifetime of your program life with the most comprehensive longevity-of-supply program the industry offers.

To help get you started with your Intel SBC plans, we offer a variety of resources:

  • How does the new Sandy Bridge processor compare to its predecessor, the Ivy Bridge? Download the Application Note to find out.

  • Get up to speed on high-speed serial switched fabrics
    • OpenVPX, VPX, and VPX-REDI combines best-in-class technologies to ensure a very long technology cycle
    • XMC brings high-speed serial technology to the mezzanine card form factor