Get the most-up to date information on lead-free tin whiskers
and how to mitigate the threat to your system supply chain
Since the introduction of the European Union WEEE/RoHS legislation in 2006, which restricted the use of lead components on many electronic products, it’s become increasingly important for system designers to understand the challenges of lead-free design. One of the highest profile, yet least understood, issues resulting from the near elimination of components with lead-containing terminations and finishes is the so-called “tin whisker” phenomenon. Curtiss-Wright has made extensive investment into researching and mitigating the risks posed by the growth of tin whiskers in COTS embedded systems using lead-free components. Download our introduction to the Tin Whisker problem today to start getting up to speed on this important issue. 
Extensive White Paper on Tin Whisker Risks & Mitigation
Curtiss-Wright has also developed an extensive White Paper on the Science and Mitigation of Tin Whiskers based on our most recent research and mitigation strategies. This paper is available on request to qualified inquirers. To request a copy of our latest “Tin Whisker Risk Reduction and Mitigation Update” White Paper simply fill out this form. 

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